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Toronto Spurs and RPSL in the Limelight!

Our recent work with Regent Park Soccer League (RPSL), spearheaded by our chairman Matt, has recently been picked up by the mothership and highlighted on the Spurs website.

RPSL helps kids play football where they may have not had the opportunities such as in the most densely populated, low-income areas as well as new immigrants to Canada. 

RPSL run leagues in the summer that's free to all and during the winter they do a 4-hour Saturday morning drop-in for all ages at the Nelson Mandela Public School gym. This gym used to be free for them but due to recent cuts, the RPSL now has to pay a $6,500 rental fee for the Winter. Our recent 50/50 draws and other initiatives have helped support the RPSL and we look to continue to cement a partnership with them.

So far, Toronto Spurs have raised nearly $1,000 for RPSL through the range of Spurs-related activities amongst our members, with plans for further events throughout the season which we are excited about. Read the above link for more.


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