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Who We Are

Toronto Spurs was founded in 2019 after an AGM vote to split up Spurs Canada into separate OSC's. Toronto Spurs continues on the great work that Spurs Canada had done for over 15 years with the hope to evolve  into one of the best T.H.F.C supporters clubs in the world.

We meet for every Spurs game at Scotland Yard pub on the Esplanade in Toronto, no matter what time or weather, rain or snow. It's a place for fans, both old and new to come together and share their passion and excitement in a fun and comfortable environment.

Honorary President - Steve Nash:

Legendary Canadian, huge Spurs fan and 2x NBA MVP, became our honorary president at our inaugural Toronto Spurs event, "Meet and greet Steve Nash".

Chairman & Twitter Admin - Matt:

Hooked on Spurs ever since watching highlights of Ossie and Ricky on Soccer Saturday with Graham Leggat in the early 1980's, Matt is responsible for the growth, partnership opportunities, and overall direction of Toronto Spurs.

Director of Membership Administration - Andrew Torres:

Spurs fan since ’98. 12 years living in North London and marrying into a family of lifelong Spurs supporters got me hooked.  Watching the 2019 CL run at the Yard will always be a treasured memory.  COYS!!

Director of Fundraising - Ian:

A Spurs supporter for 65+ years, especially the glory days of late 50's and 60's, including the double of 60 - 61 and first European trophy in 63.. Arrived in Canada in the 1970 in the midst of World Cup, at that time Canada and US were soccer wildernesses, no coverage, hard to believe now.

First year on Executive, aiming to administer membership for effective communication with all Spurs fans.

Treasurer - Mark:

Passionate life long Spurs fan. Long time treasurer and integral part of Spurs Canada and now Toronto Spurs.

Webmaster and FPL Commissioner - Roger:

Born in London, my 1st game was a home loss to Southampton in 1990. Grew up watching Gazza, Lineker then Klinsmann and co. Highlights as a fan include European nights, away days in the 90's & 2000's, the highs and lows of the cup finals and being a Spurs mascot. Moved to Canada 2010 and been involved with Spurs Canada/Toronto Spurs since then. COYS!

Facebook and Instagram Admin - Chris & Scott


I'm originally from Finland and was first drawn to Spurs by the entertaining football and Teemu Tainio. Later in life I moved to North London to start my professional Brewing career at Beavertown Brewery and ended up staying in North London for 7.5 years before moving to Canada, that really connected me to the club.

Director of Communications - Ryan

Director at Large (& 2nd in command for Membership Admin) - Nat

Born and raised North of London, got my passion for Tottenham from my mum, who used to stand in the terraces as a kid. Used to frequent the Park Lane stand and watch the likes of Scottie Parker, Friedel, Eriksen and Bale. Moved to Canada in 2015.

Director at Large - Paul

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