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Come rain, snow or shine, we watch every game at our supporters pub Scotland Yard, located  at 56 The Esplanade (in the St.Lawrence Market area), just east of Union Station.

We welcome all people interested in Spurs to come and join us in watching every Spurs game, no matter the time of day.

Note: Members can reserve a table in advance to avoid disappointment of not getting seated in the Spurs section. See our members section on how to do that.


For early kick off's, the pub will in most circumstances be open depending on the date. Below are the times we typically expect to have doors open:

7:15am doors open for 7:30am KO's. 

8:15am doors open for 8:30am KO's.

8:45am doors open for 9:00am KO's. 

Anything after a 9:00am kick off, doors open 30 minutes prior to kick off in most instances. For KO's 9am and before, the kitchen normally serves food at half time (earlier if they are ready!). 

Sometimes there may be exceptions for really big games depending on the pub being able to accommodate.

For more information on Scotland Yard, see their website:

We look forward to seeing you there.....COYS!!!

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