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Fantasy Premier League is Now Live!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Paid members can now join our Toronto Spurs league here:

League name: Toronto Spurs - Reminder that this is a private league for our members only which we will cross check with payees.

League code to join: An email will be sent to paid members with the code. Please don't share it with non members. - As mentioned above we will cross check paid members.

League starts: In week 2. This may change depending on volume of members and % of those members registered for fantasy league. To be confirmed and we will send a few reminders in the build up to week 1. Members signing up after the deadline can still play but chances of end of season prizes will obviously be more diminished.

Steps to join:

1 - Fill in your details

2 - Create a squad of 15 for $100 million and give it a name - Can't pick more than 3 players from one team - see rules page.

3 - Once completed set up, go to join leagues > Join an existing league > Join private league > enter league code

You're all set!

Prize draw announcements will be made during the season (TBD). Thanks

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