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The season of Ange-ball

As "Bazball" has made its way into England's sport vocabulary to describe the attacking approach by the English men's cricket team, "Ange-ball" follows a similar philosophy of his teams playing attacking, forward first thinking football. A risk reward style of play will be a welcome change at Tottenham Hotspur stadium this season, albeit being mindful that pressing for victory can result in defeat as the team adapts to a more traditional Spurs way of football again.

Possession, more passes, more shots....and many goals conceded? Angelos "Ange" Postecoglu's first season as Spurs manager will be a complete change of style that most of this squad and club have not been used to playing for several years under the last 3 managers. It may serve us fans to be wise and conscious of our expectations in challenging for the top 4 in 2023/2024. But then again...what's the point of being a fan if you can't have hope at the start of each season; FA cup winners anyone? COYS!

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It's interesting to read your blog now that the season is three-quarters of the way through. You've been proven absolutely correct in terms of the risks Ange-ball leads to but the excitement and the positives make it all worthwhile. You're also right about the fans needing to tone down their expectations. Ange didn't promise us titles this season for a reason!

Anyway I'm loving this style, the style I've come to expect over the years. We're back to being Spurs!

To Dare Is To Do is now our real motto.


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