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Change of laws, change of style?

With the change of a few rules over the summer, one stands out that could have a significant impact on how Poch sets the team out to press the opposition and vice versa, our team being pressed.

Goal kicks no longer require the players to be outside the penalty area, so players from the goalkeepers team can stand inside the area to receive the ball which will now negate the pressure of the opposition press near the area. A player could even flick the ball up (I believe) and head it back to the keeper to then do what he wishes; launch it upfield, throw it out etc.

Will this move the press higher up the pitch or even slow the game down and take away some of the quick counter attack we’ve been accustomed to?

No doubt Klopp and Pep will be pioneers of a new style or system too which will be very intriguing to see how plays develop over the course of the season, who executes it well and who follows suit.

Fingers crosses we don’t see anything calamitous as we adjust to the rule change. It’s not far fetched to close your eyes and vision Walker-Peters doing keepy-uppy’s and volleying one back past a confused looking Loris.


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